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Hi my name is Krystle Hiott. In 2010, I married my childhood best friend and I absolutely LOVE being married! I also have THREE awesome little boys and I love every minute of mommy-hood!! I went to college to become a nurse. However, I started working at a photography studio while in school and absolutely fell in LOVE with capturing moments in time for I decided to follow my heart and my dreams and continue to capture the beautiful moments in life while also being a stay at home mom to my boys!


I'm a Pintrest- ahololic, it is a great tool for inspiration or fun ideas to help spark creativity in my boys. I am a country girl, born and raised! So of course I love the outdoors and its my favorite place for photo shoots. It's more natural than a studilo I think. I have always loved all things art...I am an artist and I love to grab a pencil and my sketchbook and just draw. Scrapbooking is another addiction of mine ( which just so happens to make picture taking a little bit sweeter!)


Every photographer you meet is totally different in their style and what they like. I LOVE my Nikon, I usually don't go any where without it. I like to try to capture those more natural moments rather than constantly posing. I don't mind being completly silly to get a kid to smile ( playing with kids is an added bonus!). On the other side, since I worked in a studio I know how to make a posed shot look as natural as can be. Although I will use a flash, I LOVE the natural lighting and always prefer to use it!


At the end of the day, my goal is to capture beautiful moments through my lens that you will cherish for a lifetime to come!

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